Game Description

The history of Blackjack dates back to the 18th century when it was called Vingt-Un ("Twenty-One"). In the 20th century, many casinos offered bonuses to spice up the game. Those who drew a ‘Blackjack (Jack of spades or clubs)’ and the Ace of Spades would have been given a bonus. Later, the bonus was abolished, but the name Blackjack remained. A great selection of tables and seats gives both beginners and experienced players opportunities, as success comes with practice. For the operator’s profitability, CreedRoomz has peppered the game with multiple bet-on features and elaborate numerous side bets.


• Played with 8 decks

• Double after split

• Surrender option

• The ability for each player to sit on up to 3 boxes

• The “Deal now” function accepts bets faster • Possibility to select an option on the hand before time • The ability for the partner to select bonus bets for each table: Lucky 7, Honey Bonus, Perfect Pair • Dealer hand to play big and keep high-odds side bets going placed on dealers' cards



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