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CreedRoomz provides a broad variety of live casino solutions. The range of our live casino solutions is extremely diverse and includes almost all possible business needs of the gaming sector.

We offer numerous live casino games for all tastes. They are all held in luxurious studios with various themed decorations. The games are carried out by professional dealers broadcast in 8+ languages. They all have a high level of competence, are able to maintain a smart conversation and add extra allure to the game.

Upon partner's request we also feature dedicated tables where everything, from entourage to game components, can be fully customisable according to the partner's needs. We offer services for the transfer of existing land-based tables to the online space, guaranteeing the highest quality streaming and the best organisation of the entire broadcasting process.

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(Generic Tables)

Live casino software by CreedRoomz, in its price and high quality, is the best offer available on the market of the gaming industry. Start your own gaming business, or expand an existing one, bringing it to the highest technological and marketing level. Choose CreedRoomz for the premium live casino products!

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Dedicated Solutions


(Tables and Studios)

Boost your brand recognition with Creedroomz! Our company offers its partners to acquire dedicated tables or, even entire halls dedicated completely to your brand. CreedRoomz's designers will take into account all your requirements to create an interior that best meets your organisation.

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Land to Live

land to live

(Online Offline)

CreedRoomz is one of the leaders in providing “land to live” service. Ensure your casino’s online presence. where the number of visitors is not limited, and the games are available in any country at any time around the clock. Unleash your business potential with CreedRoomz's live dealer casino software!

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(Crypto live casino)

CreedRoomz introduces Crypto Live Casino solution. Premium gaming in real-time, powered by the security and convenience of cryptocurrency. Everything from dual wallets, exclusive discounts to enhanced cash back options. Discover the endless opportunities of our advanced crypto casino solution.

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CreedRoomz's live casino solutions are qualitatively different from any other offerings on the market and will certainly be the backbone of your success.The solutions we propose are quite affordable, as we offer the most attractive prices on the market. Thus, our proposed solutions do not require a high financial threshold of entry and give a great impetus to the development of small gaming businesses. At the same time, we guarantee a premium quality of services.