dedicated tables/studios

dedicated tables/studios

CreedRoomz delivers truly incredible solutions of both Dedicated tables and halls to you with the intention of helping you make your brand identity stand out. With the expanding option of Dedicated halls, a live casino operator receives one or a set of branded tables working only for their company along with a remarkable flexibility and high level of customisation. And it’s the Dedicated halls solution that can perfectly reflect your casino brand and create a unique casino atmosphere for your players. At your request, even your own dedicated tables can be set up with individually branded equipment, language, dealer uniforms, etc. As things go, you will delight your players which will lead to an increased customer base and long-term business growth.

what we provide

Per request we provide a complete floor-to-ceiling construction of a gaming hall. Every single notion in such a gaming space is up for customisation - hall colours, number of gaming tables, dealer attires, table fabric, playing cards design, screens, accessories, game types, languages and more. The final product meets all the requirements of an operator and delivers the look and feel of a real casino to the players, thus elevating their engagement.

Along with outstanding robust software, technical and B2C support, you will receive interior design with a Landing Page, Bespoke Live Casino Lobby and many other elements to highlight your company.


The ultimate freedom to design your casino the perfect way you see it is the most commercially viable offer CreedRoomz gives you as a business owner. Even a single table can channel the atmosphere of a high-grade casino. The tailor-made background in every view achieved via green screen technology allows to create a unique environment for every table. Yet, your individual branding can cover all aspects of a live casino suite: your distinctive colours, number of gaming tables, croupier attires, table fabric, playing cards design, screens, accessories, game types, languages, and more.


There are many ways to highlight your company name with CreedRoomz solutions. Operators can choose to brand many key aspects of the Landing Page, Live Casino Lobby and User Interface elements. Additionally, you can take advantage of other, more tangible alternatives. The upholstery of the gaming tables can feature your brand logos, as well as the croupier's attires with custom-tailored patches and outfit colours. The same distinctive attributes and symbols can appear on the card deck in a unique design. More physical attributes can be added on the premises of your hall: brand advertising elements, monitors with branded videos, neon signs, etc. The room for creativity is truly vast!


A proper and lively communication between your brand and players is built by virtue of the croupier’s intelligence and professional abilities. Social skills are crucial in this case, and CreedRoomz dealers are ready to invite your players to the games, cheer them on their loss and encourage them to try their luck again. Our attractive and experienced multi-ethnic ladies and gentlemen will become the face of your brand and maximise your success by building strong bonds with your players.


Putting aside the alluring interface and robust software for a while, the next determining factor for a successful live casino is the communication with the players. CreedRoomz casino dealers are proficient in Brazilian Portuguese, Armenian, English, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and more. In case your required language falls outside this range, we are ready to recruit and train staff to provide the best solution for language-specific markets.