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The birth of Poker dates back to the first two decades of the 19th century. It appeared in the former French territory centred in New Orleans, USA. One of its earliest names was in fact 'Bluff'. Bluffing is as essential to vying as finessing is to trick-play. Bet-On Poker features the rules of the very popular Texas Hold'em Poker. Here your players play against the casino having the full opportunity to dive into the vibe of famous land-based casinos in Vegas and Macau. It includes a lot of different elements and great functions that make the game more fascinating and full of joy. Powered by CreedRoomz this game can be your key to success.


• The most profitable Poker game available today

• Four rounds of betting for each game

• 18 betting positions

• Unlimited number of players for each box or betting position

• The only solution in the market with a direct dealer chat • Configurable table limits and betting markets per partner • Very attractive margin at 9% plus



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