Crypto live casino solution

Confirming its status as a technological pioneer, CreedRoomz presents to your attention the safest and most innovative way to enjoy yourself at our casino. Our crypto live casino software, operating on cryptocurrency, offers numerous benefits inherent in this advanced approach. Play our premium games in real time with the additional convenience and security while using cryptocurrency as your preferred payment option. 


  • Dual wallet for FTN and fiat currency
  • 50% discount on GGR for FTN wallet invoices
  • 1,5% cashback for FTN wallet deposits

Benefits of Crypto Casino


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Security & Privacy

Secure crypto payments, risk management etc.

Crypto casino is an advanced solution in terms of critical aspects of operating, such as secure crypto payments and risk management. Our solution includes transparent blockchain technology for transactions, encryption techniques that protect data during its transfer and storage, privacy features to reveal client’s  identity.

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Multi - Currency Support

We support all major currencies  of the world, offering flexibility to users worldwide. Whether you're accustomed to major international currencies or prefer using local options, our platform ensures a seamless and inclusive experience for users across the world.

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New Opportunities

CreedRoomz's crypto live casino solution provides instant deposits and withdrawals with the added anonymity and privacy of digital currency. We provide cost effective and instant transaction speed, absence of any restrictions and many other items that make up the list of reasons to switch to cryptocurrency.

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Easy Integration

Talk about integrating this solution, like API integration, turnkey, legal services etc.

The integration of cryptocurrency solutions suggested by CreedRoomz involves various aspects. API integration allows for the seamless incorporation of cryptocurrencies into the existing infrastructure of the live casino. Turnkey solutions simplify the integration process even further, providing comprehensive tools for managing cryptocurrency payments. And legal services play a crucial role in ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. 

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Why Choose Creedroomz?

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CreedRoomz is proud of the results we have achieved. With a vast network of more than 1000 trusted partners. Our diverse selection of more than 24 games and 200 tables, meticulously designed and developed by industry experts, guarantees endless excitement for users. And all is available in 12 languages, ensuring accessibility for players around the world.


  • What cryptocurrencies are accepted in the casino? The FTN, native currency of Bahamut blockchain and the utility token of Fastex Ecosystem, is the only cryptocurrency accepted so far.
  • How secure are transactions and player data in the crypto casino? At our crypto casino, the security of transactions and player data is paramount. We utilize advanced encryption technology and secure payment gateways to protect sensitive information, adhering to legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Are the games provably fair in a crypto casino? Certainly. All the solutions used for crypto casino are licensed and certified by relevant international and local authorities and are under constant surveillance.
  • Why choose crypto live casino solution by Creedroomz? Cryptocurrencies offer faster and more secure transactions for all deposits and withdrawals. Besides, the use of cryptocurrencies allows for anonymity, as players can participate without disclosing personal information.