Game Description

With the new feature, well-known European roulette/Roulette with one zero acquired a new dimension. the wheel spins without the dealer in automatic mode. The goal of the game is to correctly forecast in which pocket of the wheel the ball will fall after spinning around the outside edge. CreedRoomz not only offers a wide selection of bets on numbers, colours, columns, etc., but also many features such as chat, favourite betting feature, betting statistics, automatic betting and more. This wonderful game with a distinctive solution can be highly appreciated by many players and become a source of success for any provider.


Front and Top video views

Bet building mode and favourite bet function

The rich selection of special bets (Finale en Plain, Red and Black Splits, Red and Black Snake bets)

Last 500 winning numbers statistics with the ability to bet directly on the results “Intelligent betting” system helping to place bets within table limits

Configurable table limits per partner Aurum Roulette mode is configurable Flexible branding and customised user interface



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Auto roulette