Roulette Aurum
Roulette Aurum

Game Description

The Aurum feature is a remarkable function added to the traditional live roulette of CreedRoomz. It is phenomenal, as it allows players to get their winnings multiplied by an amount from x50 to x700. Up to five "Aurum numbers" (“gold numbers”) are selected randomly in each round. Conveniently for operators, the Aurum Mode is compatible with the other standard Roulette types. The Aurum Roulette concept became famous within a couple of years; now, it is considered a market leader. Surely it adds more excitement and desire to play, as users get a chance to have multiplied winnings and higher pay-outs.


• Highly exciting and alluring game mode

• Easily enabled on a standard roulette game

• Increased betting opportunities for the players

• Up to 5 "Aurum numbers" every round - paying out up to 700x

• Configurable Roulette Aurum functionality • Luxurious design



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Roulette aurum