Game Description

Express Roulette show game is based on the standard Roulette rules, but its modern and dynamic style turns a familiar game into a completely new experience. This is a mode that can be turned on or off optionally. In Express Roulette, there are 2 automatic roulettes working at the same time. In this mode, the odds are increased by more than twice in comparison with the classic Roulette, and the payouts are much higher. CreedRoomz offers an ideally optimised platform that makes the gaming process smooth, classy and, most importantly, as quick as possible. Lots of players may highly appreciate this remarkable game.


Multiplayer game

Played with 6 decks

Player and Banker Pair side bets

Sum Bonus and Tie Bonus

Easy visible statistic charts Configurable table limits for all operators Flexible branding and customised user interface



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